About Us

About Us - Youth United Stockton Alliance (YUSA)

YUSA is a collective of key partners who have come together to form an alliance to support the sustainability of high-quality open access youth provision across Stockton.

We launched our 5 year strategy in September 2023, you can read the detailed document here.

YUSA is an evolving partnership which has advanced and grown since key youth providers across Stockton formed a collaboration in 2016, with significant support from Stockton Borough Council, to ensure that there is targeted and focused interventions to support children and young people within youth settings.

As YUSA has developed in recent times, the Alliance identified that due to the changing landscape of youth work and the plethora of issues that children and young people face in society today, there required a long-term high-level vision and strategy, with all key stakeholders consulted and involved, to ensure that there is a sustainable approach to positively impact on the lives of children and young people so that they can all achieve their ambition, regardless of their backgrounds.

Through a principle of openness, trust and a real appreciation that bringing together all stakeholders to share their knowledge and experience for the overall betterment of children and young people within the Borough, the Alliance has gathered significant momentum and is supported by a wide range of local, sub-regional, regional and national partners at a political, strategic and operational level.

Through high-level thinking and consultation, particularly with children and young people who know what their wants and needs are, the Alliance has created a strategy which will adopt the blueprint for the next five-years to aid the sustained development of high-quality youth provision.

It is critically important to reference that the Alliance has produced this strategy to set out the ambitions of the youth sector within the Borough based on the feedback of all interested parties.  This strategy, and the work of the Alliance, is to complement the current and emerging landscape of all provision within the broader eco-system that supports and protects children and young people. 


Words from our Strategic Partners

YUSA partners include:


  • BCT Aspire
  • Corner House Youth Project
  • Eastern Ravens Trust
  • Hardwick in Partnership
  • The Five Lamps Organisation
  • Catalyst
  • Young Peoples Foundation Trust
  • Youth Focus North East

Key Purpose of the Group:


Support the sustainability of high-quality youth provision across Stockton.

Key Roles of the Group:


The key roles of the YUSA group are to:

  • Improve the quality standards of youth provision within the YUSA.
  • Create a localized quality standard youth work framework.
  • Better co-ordinate youth work provision and to identify gaps in services and future opportunities.
  • Develop better communication across the YUSA to increase more effective working relationships and prevent duplication of effort.
  • Share knowledge and learning, experience, expertise and resources to improve better services for children and young people.
  • Work closely with all key stakeholders to identify solutions to local issues which impact on children and young people.
  • Explore potential partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Develop a joint voice in relation to youth work provision in Stockton.
  • Connect to local, regional and national agendas relating to youth work.
  • Raise the profile of youth work at a local, regional and national level with a key focus on campaigning for youth work to become statutory provision.

Agreed Values:


The agreed values of the group are that:

  • All decisions made will be based on ensuring that children and young people will be consulted with on what activity participants wish to be delivered to meet their needs.
  • We are wholly committed to developing provision that is inclusive and encourages children and young people from all backgrounds, including diverse backgrounds.
  • We will be ambitious and committed to high quality provision and continuous improvement.
  • All partners will be open and honest in relation to conflicts of interest, associated financial benefits and any other organisational priorities and motivations which may have an actual and/or perceived impacts on all, or even one, YUS Alliance organisation.
  • We will take an ‘asset-based approach’ to collaboration that values the contribution of all partners and recognizes that children and young people are the solution and should be involved with decision making.

Strategic Partners